Arnold MK 1
Arnold Mk.1 compact

is designed to allow a single person to safely remove and replace a variety of manhole, duct and trench covers. It has a safe working load of 125kgs. The effort required to manually operate the equipment is minimal.

Extender Bearer Beam with Jacks

One Piece Forged Lifting Keys
Features and Benefits

The device is designed to dismantle into a compact size making it easy to store and transport. It can also be manoeuvred or carried in its storage mode and has reflective livery so it can be seen at night.

The pivoting bearer beam with jacks at each end allows the lid to remain horizontal during the removal and replacement Extender Bearer Beam with Jacks process.

There are a variety of stock lifting keys available for use with most covers encountered in the UK. However should you have a specific key requirement then this can be easily manufactured and supplied.

The wheels are 260mm diameter with pneumatic tyres allowing the device to be travelled across a gravelled surface.

{note: the device is not designed to travel across rough terrain whilst fully loaded}

Specifications and Resources

Operation Procedure

1 From storage mode, Wind the jack handle of the bearer beam anti clockwise (Figure 1). Pull the handle section back and lower it to the floor (Figure 2). Remove the bearer beam and place it over the lid.
2 The lifting keys should then be guided through the centre of the bearer beam and located into the lid below. To secure, the keys should be rotated 90° and the locking nuts wound down tightly onto the bearer beam.
3 The locating pin in the lower section should now be removed and the handle section guided through the gap in the lower section and locked into position by replacing the locating pin (Figure 3)
4 4. The device can now be maneuverd into position, the front section should be located under the handle of the bearer beam (Figure 4).
5 The lid is now ready to be removed. To operate, the arms of the lifting device should be forced down and the lid gently lifted out (Figure 5). If this operation is met with resistance, you can wind the bearer Beam jacks down, this will help release the lid (You may have to tap the lid with a mallet).
6 Once the lid has adequate clearance, the entire assembly can be wheeled backwards so that the removed lid can be safely stored on adjacent ground. NOTE: the device should be removed from the bearer beam before the lifting keys are removed.
7 To return the lid, the device should be lined up and simply wheeled forward until the lid is above the correct position and then lowered gently by allowing the arms to lift.

Quality Assurance

iso isoThe Quality Management Systems and Procedures of Arnold Lifter Ltd have been approved by Quality Management Systems(QMS) to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Arnold Mk 1 lifting device has been tested and approved to lift lids up to 125kg and has a self weight of approximately 20kg.

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